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How to Write a Good Resume

How to write a good resume?

Want to write an effective resume? Well, you are here which shows you’re serious about your career. Writing a good Resume is so crucial as this piece is the first and direct contact to your desired company. People can often be clueless about how to write a good one, but let us help you with a step-by-step guide to writing an effective resume.

Before moving ahead here are some tips you need to keep in mind while building a resume for your dream career.

  • Do not put ‘RESUME’ as your heading.
  • Keep it short, crisp and catchy. Your resume will be hawk eye screened for just 15-20 seconds.  The resume should showcase your Personality in the shortest way possible.
  • Your resume should not be more than 1-2 pages if you’re a fresher. For an experienced person, it can exceed 2 pages as one has more experiences.
  • Do not ever copy it from Google. It is a sin forbidden in the professional industry.
  • Don’t be generic, be detailed.
  • Use simple fonts and size.
  • Do not put your photograph unless asked for it.
  • Do not give family background or mention marital status.
  • Keep updating your resume with time.
  • Know your company and customize your resume accordingly. Do not send the same resumes to every company.


  • Name in capital letters with slightly bigger fonts.
  • Write your address, contact no., email address underneath.
  • Do not put ‘RESUME’ as your heading.


  • It is a direct message to the employer of what your goal and the position that you want in the company.
  • Keep it really short. 15-20 words would be enough.
  • Focus on the detail of your desired position or function than being generic. Example
          Position as an iOS Developer in a software company.
          A position as a trainee in a software company.
          An intern in an advertising company.

          To grow in the field of marketing and get an environment to learn and develop.



  • Write all the qualifications from class 10 till date in reverse chronological order i.e.         beginning from your the latest qualification achieved.
  • Name of the College, Board name, year, name of the Course(Specialization), Marks
  • You can write your qualifications in a tabular form.


  • This the section will contain all the works that you have done. Including internships, training, volunteering, and experiences in companies, etc.
  • Name of the company, your role in the company, Time period.
  • Your role should be very detail. Example, worked in the marketing department to create advertisements for the GoGreen Project organized by the company. Example, worked as a Social Media Manager, maintaining the Company’s social media, website, answering queries and managing and scheduling emails.
  • Mention why you left a company if there is any.
  • Write all the experiences in reverse chronological order. 


  • Technical Skills: Skills like Adobe Photoshop, Coral, MS word should be mentioned here giving more detail of your work.Example: Adobe illustrator: created logos, high-quality graphics for the company XYZ Ltd.Tally: Recorded daily transactions, managed and created reports on a daily basis. Soft Skills: Managerial skills, Leadership skills, sales, communication skills, etc.Example: Managerial skills: Conducted a musical event for about 300 audiences for fundraising for a local NGO working for children rights.
  • Occupational skills: Skills that are needed specifically for the job you are going to apply for should be mentioned with relevant work of yours.


  • Make sure to be detailed than generic. Example: Bad: I like to read.Good: I like to read science fiction books like X-files, Stars ship troopers ‎, Robert A. Heinlein. Bad: I love watching documentaries.Good: I like watching documentaries on social and environmental issues throughout the globe like the city of Joy and refinery 29.Bad: I like running.Good: I like running and take part in the annual Marathon conducted by S.R. Stadium every year.
  • Do not fake interests as it is unethical and your employer might figure out sooner or later.


  • The main and the final touch to your resume is to Recheck. Rechecking is so crucial to make sure that your resume is free of any grammatical or spelling error. Good advice would be to create a resume on MS Word or to use a software like Grammarly to be free of any error because it is a big turn off for the employer.
  • Remember that you are unique and so should be your resume. Be yourself and not your friend who might be applying with you or the person Google provided you when you searched. Make it your own and let it do the talking.
  • With these tips, you will be able to create a resume that shines your personality and land to an interview you wish for.

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