Thursday, August 29, 2019

Ways to Build a happy and a healthy work life balance.

Does your work-life make you feel like you are Alice in Wonder Land? Living in this turmoil seeking for happiness? Do you feel that, no matter how hard you try, you end up squashed under stress? My dear friend, you are not alone, relax, get ready to walk out of this gloomy life and keep reading this blog.


Your mind can be tricky. It will always try to hold you back because it is scared. Start your day with happy and positive talks. We can be our worst enemy, stop unnecessary negative thoughts right away. The best way to keep yourself motivated by your actions. As said by Mel Robbins, a T.V. Host, Writer, and Speaker, your first two actions of the day must be the ones you want to improve on and are passionate about. It might be your health, skill, relationship, etc. It is up to you and you alone.


That includes your mental as well as physical health. You are what you feel inside. When you get a hiccup while you are working on the reports that you need to submit to your boss, does that hiccup help you or does it break all the focus you have? Hiccups do not help, right? If something like a hiccup, something so small can affect your work, think about what bigger issues you might do to when you ignore your health. Health does not only mean getting the most expensive gym subscription. Do the most basic. Join the local morning walk group, trust me no one is more motivated as they are. Youtube has tonnes of free yoga routines that you can do with your spouse, children, roommate, a friend even alone.


Procrastination can be a big reason why you are not effective. Every time you think about work you have this gummy emotion of work piled around you. Don't worry, it's easy to tackle procrastination. According to Mel Robbins, you procrastinate because you have too many things piled for you to do. You see those things piled, discouragement seeps into you and you choose to not do any of your errands. Now, that you know why you procrastinate you can easily tackle it and also with the help of the next point.


Make a to-do list. Even if that means putting two things on the list. Happily tick it off when done. Don't put ten things in the list and make it complicated. Simple, basic and straight forward.


It is so common for professionals to leave their interests and hobbies for work, family and lack of time. Stop giving all your time to that desk and chair and enrol into that dance class you always wanted to be in, learn music because you know it heals you. Remember that these interests are the best way to release your stress.


This is something that I often find my family members doing too, not going out, not using their vacation pay. Saving it for who? Plan a vacation, whether you are alone or have a family or children. Nothing fancy that you have to do. Plan big or small, it is all up to you. 


As cliche, it might sound, we all know it is so important but regardless, fail to do that. Do not enter home with your office stress. Shake them off before entering, especially before your children. Tell your partner about the day but don't be nagging about it. Play indoor games with your kids in the weekend, karaoke is a good option too, videogames sound exciting too. 

Work hard party harder. All work but no play makes Jack  you a person. Guess what, all this is real. Your way of living life does affect you and the people around you without even you noticing. All these tips are subject to practice. Your mind will take time to adapt to it but will have results that you have been long waiting for. 


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Ways to Build a happy and a healthy work life balance.

Does your work-life make you feel like you are Alice in Wonder Land? Living in this turmoil seeking for happiness? Do you feel that, no...