Thursday, August 29, 2019

Ways to Build a happy and a healthy work life balance.

Does your work-life make you feel like you are Alice in Wonder Land? Living in this turmoil seeking for happiness? Do you feel that, no matter how hard you try, you end up squashed under stress? My dear friend, you are not alone, relax, get ready to walk out of this gloomy life and keep reading this blog.


Your mind can be tricky. It will always try to hold you back because it is scared. Start your day with happy and positive talks. We can be our worst enemy, stop unnecessary negative thoughts right away. The best way to keep yourself motivated by your actions. As said by Mel Robbins, a T.V. Host, Writer, and Speaker, your first two actions of the day must be the ones you want to improve on and are passionate about. It might be your health, skill, relationship, etc. It is up to you and you alone.


That includes your mental as well as physical health. You are what you feel inside. When you get a hiccup while you are working on the reports that you need to submit to your boss, does that hiccup help you or does it break all the focus you have? Hiccups do not help, right? If something like a hiccup, something so small can affect your work, think about what bigger issues you might do to when you ignore your health. Health does not only mean getting the most expensive gym subscription. Do the most basic. Join the local morning walk group, trust me no one is more motivated as they are. Youtube has tonnes of free yoga routines that you can do with your spouse, children, roommate, a friend even alone.


Procrastination can be a big reason why you are not effective. Every time you think about work you have this gummy emotion of work piled around you. Don't worry, it's easy to tackle procrastination. According to Mel Robbins, you procrastinate because you have too many things piled for you to do. You see those things piled, discouragement seeps into you and you choose to not do any of your errands. Now, that you know why you procrastinate you can easily tackle it and also with the help of the next point.


Make a to-do list. Even if that means putting two things on the list. Happily tick it off when done. Don't put ten things in the list and make it complicated. Simple, basic and straight forward.


It is so common for professionals to leave their interests and hobbies for work, family and lack of time. Stop giving all your time to that desk and chair and enrol into that dance class you always wanted to be in, learn music because you know it heals you. Remember that these interests are the best way to release your stress.


This is something that I often find my family members doing too, not going out, not using their vacation pay. Saving it for who? Plan a vacation, whether you are alone or have a family or children. Nothing fancy that you have to do. Plan big or small, it is all up to you. 


As cliche, it might sound, we all know it is so important but regardless, fail to do that. Do not enter home with your office stress. Shake them off before entering, especially before your children. Tell your partner about the day but don't be nagging about it. Play indoor games with your kids in the weekend, karaoke is a good option too, videogames sound exciting too. 

Work hard party harder. All work but no play makes Jack  you a person. Guess what, all this is real. Your way of living life does affect you and the people around you without even you noticing. All these tips are subject to practice. Your mind will take time to adapt to it but will have results that you have been long waiting for. 


Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Tips for freshers in the corporate world.

Is this your first step into the Corporate World? Are you joining a company in a couple of weeks or days or maybe in it already. Well, to the crazy life of a professional where you will meet the most formal individuals. Welcome to the corporate world. Yes, you will be lost in the crowd. Yes, there will be people rushing in all directions. Yes, you will be clueless and would not know which way to go. But, nothing could or should stop you. You will blend in just well and leave a mark at your place if you practice these few tips we have put down for you. 


Yes, as cliche as it sounds, it is true that you are the only person who can push or pull yourself. It is so important to get up in the morning and tell yourself that you will nail this day. That you got this! You need to be mentally prepared for the tight schedule and busy life. To be prepared to face the new challenges into your new world, knowing that it will not be all roses and petals. So, put yourself together because you would need to figure out how you will tackle all the challenges your face in the workplace. Stay calm and stay positive.


Do not take things lightly, remember that you are at that position for a purpose. When you're working with dedication it reflects the same in your character and your work. Plus, people around you will easily figure out if you are dedicated or slouchy. It's all on you how you want to give an impression.


The corporate world is strictly formal with a tight schedule. You chose this field for a reason, now blend into. Wear proper clothes. If there's a certain dress code to follow, change your wardrobe accordingly. Meet your timings according to the timings of your office. If you are given a time limit to submit a report or project, finish it on the given time. If you need more time, have a word to your boss. Do not run away from him.


Do you know what spreads faster than fire? Gossips! Do not at any costs indulge in any gossips. You will always find some people who will serve you hot gossips. No need to tell them that you are not interested in someone's affair or what other people are gossiping about you either. If you find yourself in such a situation excuse yourself out of it, change the topic immediately and start talking about Captain America or whatever you are interested in and never in the world gossip about your colleagues. Those words will reach the person's ears as fast as a bullet. 


Talk to your boss and ask him clearly what he expects to put your hands on. Where you can work freely or if there are restrictions in certain fields that you need to know. There should be ambiguity between you and your employer so you can work to your full potential effectively and efficiently.


There is nothing wrong making friends at your workplace. There is nothing wrong to have a little fun with your co-workers in your office. You should have a line. A line that you dare not cross and be carried away by emotions. Remember you are there for a purpose and your mission is your work and not relationships.  Do your part in your working hours, staying away from unnecessary chit chatting but have tea with your colleagues in your breaks. Do not go around telling people about your personal life.


Yes, you can say no. If someone gives you a job that is their's say no. If someone asks you to get something for them while you are working, say no. If your senior or your boss is asking or making you do something that makes you super uncomfortable, show them a red flag, say no! Say no in the most humble way that you can. 
There would be cases where someone would genuinely want your help, help them but make sure that your work is not hindered. 


We all know that we can learn irrespective of where we are. I am sure you can learn a ton of things, especially if you are new to that space. Learn about your company, learn about skills that you do not have yet, learn how to upgrade your existing skills. Accept the fact that you do not know everything even if you specialize in the field. We all know that one learns constantly throughout his life and success are for those who are willing to learn.


Initiate with questions in a group meeting. Initiate your ideas. Initiate for the projects that the company wants to start. Let them know that you are focused and dedicatedly working for the company's benefit. At a meeting do not start making notes, instead, listen closely and ask questions whenever you have an opportunity. Brainstorm them with your ideas, even if they might be rejected. Put your brain out for ongoing projects and research about them, get a better knowledge of the project and then add your creativity to it. Put up reports or proposals that are achievable for the company too. This will help you stand out of the crowd. 


Criticisms are a harsh reality. It does not feel great to be pointed out or be scolded. But such words should not be taken personally and should not become a permanent tag that you cannot erase. Take those scenarios positively, take charge of your mistakes, apologize and rectify them. Do not let your ego hinder you from building stronger. Criticism can build you, especially coming from your boss. 


This is something that would help you throughout your life. Listening! Listen carefully during important meetings or casual chit chats in the canteen. Whether it is related to your subject or just someone's experience in the office. Do not interrupt when someone is speaking, do not cut their words off. If you feel like asking something, let the other person pause. It is important that you value your views, but listening to someone else's point is equally important. 


This is part of your constructive criticism. It is natural that people around you have knowledge and experiences that you do not possess yet. The easiest way to take feedback is to tell them about your work and ask them if you are doing it fine or is there any space to squeeze some improvement.


Make short term and long term goals for progress. Stagnant water sows the seeds of algae. You must work vigorously to build yourself better. Similarly, in the corporate world look forward to improvement. Does it mean getting a higher position, does it mean initiating a project that means a lot to you, or maybe just a baby step like taking up a Tally course. Aim towards whats the next big thing you want to do and dart towards it with little steps. 




Put your intuition to work. Look out if there's anyone trying to get your personal information, trying to get to close or touchy, or unexpectedly around you a lot of time. There's a thin line between being paranoid and recognizing a true stalker, so you need to be careful with your actions. 


There is a purpose for you in the corporate career life and affairs are definitely not one of them. It might be entertaining for a while but give crucial damages to your career goals. Do not build an environment that you would regret to work in later. Do not go somewhere with people you do not know well. 


Stand for your respect, even if you are alone. Do not tolerate any misbehavior, in words or action. Go to the right people in your company, usually, the HR team is the right place to go to. Do not conceal it, talk openly about it with your family and friends and seek support. 


Avoid taking any personal favors as much possible such as lifts, any materials. even if you do in certain circumstances make sure to pay back. Do not hold any obligations, even if its the tiniest, even if the other tries to insist. 


We have come a long way. Women have more power and people are not as ignorant as it was before definitely. But somehow if you find yourself landed in any situation that does not make you feel safe and comfortable, choose to act over it than being quiet. Remember you are not weak to tolerate someone's dominance. Remember that you are an employee and not a slave. Trust on your potentials and move on if you have to. 

Congratulations, to your new life and environment. Remember the first few weeks are tough to adjust into, but, it gets easier as you figure out your problems. With patience and practice, you can be the Leader of the pack. Even Bruce Lee had the practice to be Master Wolf in his field,. There is no magic potion to success no matter which field to choose to go.

Ways to Build a happy and a healthy work life balance.

Does your work-life make you feel like you are Alice in Wonder Land? Living in this turmoil seeking for happiness? Do you feel that, no...